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Right, it’s catch up time

The stage at Bethnal Green Working Mens Club.

Right, it’s catch up time, since I last blogged three weeks ago, I ‘ve been doing the usual mix of gigs, writing, radio and the occasional Loose Women.

I’ve also managed to see two West End plays, ‘What the Butler Saw’ which performances apart, (nothing wrong there), I found a very difficult play to like. Farce is never really completely up my Strasse and I found the dated misogyny in the script tricky to swallow, all in all I couldn’t see the point in the revival and felt the actors were all working really hard to keep an ancient and creaking vehicle on the road.

Much more exciting new writing over at The Duke of Yorks, ‘Posh’ takes the piss out of Oxfords Bullingdon club idiots and says a lot more besides. I loved it, it’s got one of the best visual openings that I’ve seen in ages and the dinner jacketed accapella routines are utterly spot on as anyone who has ever seen Oxford’s ‘Out of The Blue’ will know. I laughed and winced a lot, afterwards we popped across the road to The St Martin’s lane hotel, where the bar is called the ‘Light Bar,’ despite the fact that its so dark you can’t read the drinks list- jokes!

Discovered two new indie eating places this month-which is great as we all need an alternative to the chaines, afterall there are only so many Pret combinations you can have before it all gets a bit samey. So, Herman Ze German does all things sausage on Villiers St nr Charing Cross, I had the pork and veal wurst with sauerkraut and proper German mustard, their strapline is ‘Our Wurst is the Best’ someone must have taken the rest of the week off after they thought that one up.

Then there’s ‘Spud’ on New Row, in Covent Garden, the clues in the title, it’s a potato based menu, but not just baked spuds, they do salads starring little jersey Royals, I had the Coronation chicken, which is totally back in vogue, (in case you needed to know)! Blimey AA Gill, eat your heart out (only he’d probably quite like that)

Had a flying visit to Glasgow last week, via Easy jet, let me tell you the most glamorous thing about the whole trip were the new Ladies loos at Gatwick which are utterly beautiful and the yard stick now, by which all public lavatories should be judged. Check ‘em out if you get the chance.

The gig in Scotland was a charity lunch to raise funds for Erskine Homes, google them, they’re ace, providing proper home care for ex service men and women. Fortunately there was a table of very rich women who were able to take the pressure off the rest of us when it came to the auction and big sums got raised! I did twenty min of stand up, always a weird one at lunch-time, but no one booed. Michelle McManus did a lovely hosting job, in fact the whole event was very nice and my only Glasgow downer came when I couldn’t work the taps in my Hilton bathroom and cried (hormones).

My second charity gig was an all women line up for the Helen Bamber foundation at The Leicester Square Theatre, which is where I chanced upon my bratwurst emporium. Herman I shall be back!

Lots of travel this month, a quick visit to the ‘rents in Lytham, followed by a four hour train journey a couple of days later to Bridlington to record Radio 4’s ‘Just a minute’.

Unusually for me, I managed not to lose either show and bizarrely came joint first in the second recording. Dinner with too much wine after the show, made for a grim trip back the next day. By the way, Kings Cross station is now looking v fancy pants, they need to sort out Euston next.

Mind you sometimes it’s best to leave places just as they were, I did juggler Mat Ricardo’s variety night at The Bethnal green Working Men’s Club over in East London a few weeks back, this is an ace night in an ace venue. The pace itself stinks, the carpet oozes stale beer, no one has touched it since the seventies, there’s nowhere to do your make up/change, but it’s one of the most magical places to see stuff and any old time I get the chance to play it, I shall be back. It made me feel young again!

Right that’ s your lot, I have jokes to write for The Autumn Tour


READ – ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’ hmm, it’s a good book, but a bit worthy for me, too much ‘good message’ though I don’t blame other people for absolutely loving it.

BOUGHT - New plants for the roof and a tree for the front garden, the tree is Australian and has leaves like this.

EATEN - just too much, I am now very fat and Phoebe made me go to the gym, it was awful, but I have to face facts, if I want to stuff my face with sausage then there will be consequences, and the consequences mean I have to go on a cross trainer til it feels my heart is going to burst out of my chest.

DRUNK – too much in Bridlington, that Nicolas Parsons is a right old party animal


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