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Well anyway, we have been on holiday

Well anyway, we have been on holiday, me and the old man popped down to our mates bungalow in Rock, leaving the girl back at base. I didn’t want to go, I wanted to go to The Maldives, I was in a dreadful ungrateful mood and I deserved to have a shitty time. But I didn’t I had a GOOD time, hooray.

We had a posh night at the Fowey Hall hotel in Fowey, where, if you know where to look, you can see Dawn French’s massive house/estate. Fowey Hall hotel is ace, it’s the kind of place that supplies wellingtons and fishing nets for children, hens strut free-range stylee across the lawns and there is an indoor pool and an out door trampoline. I used the pool and had the best scallop starter ever. We discovered the hotel last year when I was gigging at The Daphne du Maurier festival – one of those gigs you only really get invited to once in a blue moon, it’ll be on again this May, check it out if you live nearby.

Fowey Hall

Chairs in Fowey Hall

Painting in Fowey Hall

Then we stayed with friends in Zennor, which is right down the tippy old tip of Cornwall where there are no trees! And from there we journeyed to Rock, did the ferry to Padstow thing, the St Ives thing, the St Michael’s Mount thing and ate fine victuals, including glorious squid overlooking St Ives bay.

Padstow Ferry

Misty St Michaels Mount

Squid and Chorizo overlooking St Ives bay

I also bought a numbered Ben Nicholson print from the St Ives Tate, I will post a photo when Ive got it framed, I love Ben Nicholson, he was married to the sculptress Barbara Hepworth, I love her too, she had triplets, I’m intrigued by triplets, twins are mad enough, I can’t really get my head around quads or beyond.

Since I last blogged, I’ve been trying to write a new stand up show, I can’t tell you how vile this is- so vile that when I did do a gig I bottled out of trying anything new and kicked myself all the way home.

I’m still on the Loose Women rota, which kept me pretty busy last month when we had the chicken pox/shingles outbreak/scare, when anyone with so much as a shaving rash or a pimple was sent home ‘just in case’. Its all back to normal now (!) and I’m usually just in on Fridays, which means I’ve got no excuse not to get on with this bloody new show- if only I didn’t keep getting distracted by Twitter, or Phoebe’s box set of 30 Rock and Made in Chelsea (Ch4 OD). Onwards……


READ The Forgotten Waltz by Anne Enright (Booker prize winner) a beautiful, elegant and sad tale of sexual attraction and the consequences of an affair.
Also- ‘Wicked Girls’ by Alex Marwood, a real page turner… what happens when your past catches up with you?

SEEN British Design at The V and A, a badly put together exhib of fabulous things, go and see it and try not to get cross about how it has been set out. Looking at the tiny golden suit that Marc Bolan wore, nearly made me cry, he was so small and now I am so old!

WATCHED Birds of a Feather- live on stage, in Richmond with my lovely old mate from the Grumpy Live shows, Linda Robson, plus her son Lou, whom I adore, plus, the uber ace Lesley Joseph and of course Pauline Quirk. A night of much love and laughs for the ladies.

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