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I don’t know where February went, but now it’s March.

Hello, I’ve been a very bad blogger since we got back from Miami, maybe I felt nothing was as exciting as the Ocean Drive photos and I didn’t want to bother you with just a load of everyday boring crap.

I don’t know where February went, but now it’s March and maybe things feel a bit more exciting, I’ve been gigging, gigging is good for me, it gets my heart racing, it’s cardiac, a bit like rowing, maybe I should do the Olympics!

To be honest I’ve only done three gigs, a charity in Brighton for my old pal Henry Normal in aid of Amaze Brighton a charity that offers support to parent of kids with physical and behavioral problems and a couple of Art Centres down South, Exeter and Dartmouth to be exact.


So me and the longsuffering Mr George (the tour manager), hit the road in a hire car and spent a couple of nights in a self catering pad in Exeter which is only an hour or so away from Dartmouth – all v organized.

We were so organized we even snooped round the Cathedral, which is like being in a massively ornate rib cage – followed by a quick pilgrammage round the shops and lunch at Wagamama – well done Exeter, nice trip.

However Dartmouth managed to top Exeter by having a ferry to get from one side of the Dart to the other, is there anything more exciting than a three minute ferry ride… at night?

Anyway, good gigs, nice to be back in the saddle, so much so that we have announced the Autumn tour ‘Eclairious’ which will head off at the end of September and roll round the country ‘til mid December

In light of this yet to be written show, I did a shoot with an ace photographer Sarah Dunn – the new images will be splashed all over this site very soon no doubt, I have to say, Sarah and the make up girl Paola Rekabarren did a fantastic job, if only I looked like I do in the photos in real life!

In other work related stuff, I spent a few days on a secret job, which I will tell you about once I’m allowed to open my fat gob!

Book wise, the new novel, ‘Life, Death and Vanilla Slices’ will be out on the 5th of July- which is v exciting indeed, though I have a feeling that’s the dates all the summer books get pushed out, so I have to make sure mine doesn’t get lost under a tide of ‘Holiday reads’.

Ooooh, off work now and onto CULTURE, I have seen stuff, the old man and I saw The Pyjama Men at The Charring Cross Theatre – which I liked but didn’t love (ace perfromances, muddy story telling) dinner after at Byron – (excellent top endish burger chain).

A few days later, I saw Toby at the Soho Theatre with my old mucker Julie Balloo, a real life sister double act, playing out their warts and all relationship on stage that had me howling – loved it. Can also recommend the food at Soho Theatre – yum, I am horribly greedy at the moment.

Art wise, I have seen the Picasso and the Hockney, the Picasso is great, but in a lousy set of bunkerish rooms at Tate Britain, whereas at The Royal Academy the Hockney just sings. Its possibly one of the maddest, most full on things of home grown beauty I have ever seen. The man is truly great and anyone who doesn’t agree can simply fuck off!

Anyway – just to finish off on the work front, I’ve just got back from a couple of nights in Manchester doing five eps of Countdown with Nick Hewer who is a telly mate and a man who makes me laugh a lot.

I’d never even seen the show before, it was a hoot, despite having to stay in the crappy Marriot V and A Hotel over the road, which was truly awful in just about every way!

Fortunately the old man and I managed to escape the  hotel restaurant and trot around the corner for a shared T bone at Carluccios after filming on sat night and sloped off for brunch at The Corner-house (devilled mushrooms on toast) before catching the train back to a ridiculously sunny London today.

I will never ever stay by choice in a hotel that charges £15 for a days use of the internet – which is what Marriot’s charge!


BOUGHT – some khaki jeans that make my arse look enormous and a black shirt – yawn, not exciting.
A couple of cocktail rings from Accessorise – which look a lot more exciting that the Ten pound price tags suggest!

SEEN – The Artist – haven’t we all? Very sweet but not much else!

Ok gang, that’s your lot, I’m fifty two this coming week, so I shall probably be too busy sulking to blog for a while…


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